A rural environment of infinite landscapes.

Navarre is a place with an infinite variety of territories, with very different and beautiful mountain landscapes, combining Atlantic and continental climates, fauna and flora.

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Discover our gift boxes, including the most special moments of each season with the best suggestions for your trip through Navarre. Find them all here.

Authentic rural tourism

An enriching and sustainable experience in a territory with countless activities and spectacular natural environments, where you can discover and enjoy new things every step of the way.


A trip to a place where tourism is carried out by people sustainably, while respecting culture and the environment. In Navarre, we work for a truly sustainable and enlightened tourism that revitalises rural communities.


Choose between the different areas in Navarre

Pamplona region

Central Area

Navarrese Pyrenees

Aralar and Urbasa-Andía

Baztán Bidasoa

Navarre Riverside

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Our suggestions for some travel ideas to get to know our territory, according to your tastes and needs

Activity agenda

Here we tell you about our agenda of events and activities; helping active tourists to enjoy and make the most of their trip.

Events schedule

Rural environment activities


Dare to Explore

Discover all the things you can do in the rural environment. An authentic journey and adventure in nature that will captivate you.

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