Tourism code: UAB00001

A hostel committed to sustainability and the environment, from where you can visit all of Navarre and take part in numerous activities in its environmental garden.

We have the capacity to accommodate 130 people. For more than 25 years, we have hosted numerous school groups, families, associations and tourists and groups of all kinds and nationalities.

The strategic location of the Hostel, in the town of Beire, in the heart of Central Navarre, means travellers can reach a large part of Navarre to take half-day or day trips. The hostel also has everything to look after its customers in very spacious premises.

The 2-storey building is organised into different capacity rooms, from 4 to 26 beds. On the ground floor, it has a dining room, kitchens and several rooms. Outside the building, but without leaving the property, our customers can enjoy the large porticoed courtyard, play on the sports court, visit the Huerta Escuela or stroll through the fields of our 12-hectare estate.



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