Arteta spring (Ollo Valley) Nature

Calle San Juan, 31172 Ulzurrun, Navarra

The source or so-called Nacedero de Arteta is a spring that arises from the downflows of the Sierra de Andia. It is one of the most interesting and surely the most visited places in the entire Ollo valley. Apart from its beauty, the area is important for being one of the two sources from which the Pamplona region is supplied with water, the other being the Eugi reservoir.

30 km from Pamplona, it is one of the natural outlets of the aquifer under the Sierra de Andía, which stores water over an approximate area of 100 km2. The current landscape is a limestone plateau of about 1000 m of altitude on average, with abundant water outlets and typical karst relief forms such as sinkholes, chasms and pavements. In a small area, the spring, salt flats and Artazul ravine are examples of the action of water and time on rocks and the human presence that makes use of resources while being respectful of the environment.


Access: The route to the spring follows the PR-NA-170 also called “Vuelta al Valle de Ollo”

Guided tours from 12-1 pm.


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