Tourism code: ucr00173 (Arzenea I) and ucr00275 (Arzenea II)

Traditional, detached house, located in the centre of the Baztan-Bidasoa Valley. Agrotourism visits can be made.

Casa Arzenea is a rural house in the cosy village of Ituren. There are 2 accommodation options in this traditional house: Arzenea I with 4 beds and Arzenea II with 5 beds. Either is ideal for immersing yourself in the culture of the small towns of Baztan and to experience agrotourism.

Arzenea I and II are fully equipped and ready to make you feel at home. The agrotourism visits are ideal for the little ones to enjoy being in contact with animals and nature.

There is nothing better than visiting a place that looks after its traditions, and from Arzenea you can also visit the well-known Ituren carnival. Alternatively, experience the authentic rural tourism of Navarre, whose deep forests and green landscapes will leave you awestruck.



Arzenea I

  • Full week
    € 390
  • Weekend
    € 180
  • Additional night
    € 60

Arzenea II

  • Full week
    € 475
  • Weekend
    € 200
  • Additional night
    € 80


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