Basque-Navarre Railway Greenway (Zúñiga) Culture and Heritage

The Greenway is formed from the Basque-Navarre railway line that linked Bergara with Estella through Vitoria. The “El Trenico” offers up a surprising route that, in Álava and Navarre, runs through the regions of Llanada Alavesa, the Alavesa mountain and Tierra Estella.

The road is now a path for walkers and cyclists, along a beautiful route through changing landscapes of great beauty. On the journey, there are cereal plains and mountains, rivers and gorges, lush forests and charming towns. There is also a smattering of stations, viaducts and tunnels that are part of the unique railway heritage. The route is divided into different sections, due to its length, with the passage through the Alava capital and the long, endless Laminoria tunnel. The starting point is the Vitoria monument.


Type of ground: cement, gravel, earth

Shape: linear.

Type of bicycle: MTB.

Possibility of renting bicycles: Antoñana.

Bicycle workshop: Estella-Lizarra:

Lisarri Bicycles (696 291 903)

Dani Multibicis (948 546 393)

Lizarra Cycles (948 550 164)

Ega Bike Estella (948 596 334)

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