Tourism code: ucr00748

Traditional, restored 16th century house, with magnificent views, and part of the natural environment.

The house is in Arruitz, 25 minutes from Pamplona and 30 minutes from San Sebastián. At an altitude of 620 m, it is part of the natural environment itself, and is an excellent destination to take a break from the city.

A traditional, completely restored house from the 16th century, it is located at the top of the town, next to the church; in Basque, Apezetxea means the house of the priest.

A 2-storey house built of stone, with a garden, barbecue area and private parking, it is an unbeatable location.

There are 8 rooms: 4 on the first floor and 4 on the second. The first floor is occupied first and, depending on the number of people who rent the house, the second floor can be taken, up to a total of 8 rooms. When more than 4 rooms are rented, the order of the rooms will be chosen.


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