Casa Ballenea – Kastonea Apartments and Restaurant Gastronomy, Lodging

Casa Kastonea, 31714 Erratzu, Navarre, Spain

Casa Ballenea

Tourism code: ucr00829

Ideal for large groups who want to enjoy a few days’ rest in the middle of nature. We organise agrotourism activities.


Ballenea is a completely renovated old farmhouse located in Erratzu, a town in the Baztan valley. The owners invite you to experience first hand the customs of a farming family by accompanying them in their work on the farm, so you can understand the meaning of agrotourism in Navarre.

The house is ideal for groups of up to 16 people, with the option of 2 extra beds. On the ground floor you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace with the rest of the house adapted to your rural experience.

From here you can enjoy the Baztan Valley in all its splendour, with its surprising gastronomy, changing landscapes and impressive trails, such as the one beginning in the town itself towards the famous Xorroxin waterfall.

Kastonea Apartments

Kastonea I. 8 places
Tourism code: UAT00103
Kastonea II:8+2 places
Tourism code: UAT00103 (BIS)

Kastonea Restaurant

In the Kastonea Restaurant in Erratzu (Baztan) we offer homemade meals and familiar treatment. We elaborate our menus with the products obtained from our farmhouse.

We have an adult menu and a children’s menu. We can also make banquets or group meals on request and for the evenings combined dishes and sandwiches. We are located at the beginning of the walk to the waterfall of Xorroxxin. Enjoy this beautiful place and its landscapes and come to taste our dishes at the end of the tour.




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