Tourism code: UCR00846

Next to the medieval Burgui bridge and Ezca river, we make Roncal cheese and show how it is made.

Casa Rural Urandi is located in the Navarrese town of Burgui, a town of rafts and cheese, and a gateway to the picturesque Roncal Valley.

Next to the medieval Burgui bridge, from its windows and balconies, you can watch the flow of the Esca river, which can tell myriad stories of this valley: of mills and shepherds, ancient trades and witchcraft, of traditions and good people, and stories and legends of yesterday and today.

From here, you can walk the cobbled streets of our town, lose yourself in green avenues, climb Pyrenean peaks, enjoy the cuisine of the area or practise numerous sports.



  • Full week
    € 1200
  • Weekend
    € 550
  • Extra bed
    € 15
  • Adicional night
    € 150
  • Firewood


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