Roman City of Andelos Culture and Heritage

NA-6031, 31150 Muruzábal de Andión, Navarra

There is a place in Navarre where going back to ancient Rome is easy. The Archaeological Museum of Andelos is an open door to discover the towns, way of life and beliefs of the ancient Roman city of Andelos.

After visiting the museum, the ruins of the city await you. You can feel like a citizen of the great empire, adding form to the spacious houses with your imagination, enjoying the hot springs or admiring the complex hydraulic system for supplying the city.


Group visits on any day of the week must be arranged beforehand.

Guided visits to the Museum and site are offered, which also must be arranged in advance. The cost is €25 per group + entry.



  • Per person
    € 2
  • Reduced rate

    applicable to children of 6-13 years old, the over-65s, European youth card holders and groups of 20 people or more

    € 1
  • Group guided tour
    € 25
  • Mendigorría residents


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