Stroll through one of the most impressive gorges in Navarre, declared a Nature Reserve. The Lumbier Gorge is a limestone rock canyon dug out by the Irati River, and is a little over 1 km long. Its steep, vertical walls can reach up to 400 m high, and are home to griffon vultures and other birds of prey.

The different tunnels dug in the rock and paths following the course of the river offer the possibility of enjoying this beautiful, singular location. The Irati River takes on different shades of colour as it passes through the gorge, acquiring an intense green in the Devil’s Bridge, the narrowest part of the gorge.

The excursion can be completed by approaching the Arbayún gorge and visiting the Gorge Interpretation Centre, which has information about the trails, flora, fauna and culture of the gorge.

Access: NA-150 towards the town of Lumbier. At the entrance to the town, take the Foz de Lumbier road to the right to reach the authorised car park.

Guided visits: Gorge Interpretation Centre.


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