Tourism code: UAB00026


Located in the natural environment of the Ollo Valley (Navarre), just half an hour from Pamplona, the Gure Sustraiak Accessible and Sustainable Hostel, opened in February 2014. It has pioneering facilities at the national level, so anyone can enjoy inclusive tourism, and training or therapeutic leisure holidays.

All the rooms (6 rooms with 6 beds; 2 rooms with normal beds and 4 rooms with bunk beds) are on the same floor, with access to the same level from the outside.

The Hostel is innovative for its ACCESSIBILITY for people with reduced mobility and/or intellectual and sensory disabilities: with adapted signage, tactile paving in common areas, visual warnings in rooms, a hearing loop in reception and a multipurpose room.

This building is also notable for being built SUSTAINABLY: the insulation is blown-in cellulose and wood fibre; solar thermal energy is used for hot water; there is a mixed biomass boiler using pellets or chips; and a sewage and grey water system purified biologically without consuming energy, which includes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.



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