Tourism code:

Ayestarán I: uhs00013

Ayestarán II: uhsr0014

Some inexplicable events have begun to occur in the Ayestarán. Some frightened customers have left the hotel and others more curious have come to investigate. Are you one of the brave ones?

A quiet, family establishment, where you can enjoy yourself and unwind from everyday stress. The Hotel is divided into two separate buildings, located on either side of the main road into the town of Lekunberri. The rooms in both building are classic in style and decorated with precious antiques, with all modern day comforts.

Inside our hotel, there are 2 lock-up areas for bikes. We also have spare parts and can lend tools if needed, so you can continue with your trip. There is also a hose available for customers to clean their bikes.



Full Board

  • Neptune Operation

    2 Nights + breakfast+ lunch/dinner

    € 180
  • Low season
    € 105
  • High season
    € 125

Room + breakfast

  • Low season
    € 75
  • High season
    € 97


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