Santa María Church, Eunate Culture and Heritage

Diseminado, s/n, 31152 Muruzábal, Navarra

The best time to discover one of the most beautiful and appealing churches on the St James Way in Navarre, Nuestra Señora de Eunate (1170), in all its simplicity, originality and mystery, is during twilight or at dawn, under the subtle colour of the sunrise.

Just before reaching Puente la Reina, it stands alone in the middle of a flat and open landscape, which in summer takes on the colour of sunflowers. Its octagonal plan and the cloister that surrounds it make it different from any other Romanesque church.

Stroll through the gallery before going inside the church, decorated simply with some notable Muslim influences. Let your eyes adjust to the subdued light inside and feel the spirituality and introspection the church inspires.


Tickets with authorising stamp and enquiries at the Casa de Onat, next to the church.



  • Person
    € 1,50
  • Reduced prices

    Pilgrims with proof, over 65s, children 6-13 years old and groups of 20 or more

    € 1


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