Iratxeko Berea I-II Rural House Lodging

Kaule, nº5, 31780 Bera, Navarre, Spain.

Tourism code: ucr00138 (Iratxeko-Berea I) and ucr00295 (Iratxeko-Berea II).

If you are looking for the perfect balance between nature, mountains, beach, border areas, relaxation, fun and comfort, this is the place for you.

Iratxeko Berea is a house fully immersed in the nature of Bera, in Baztan-Bidasoa. Located at the foot of Mount Larun, it has the perfect balance of relaxation, fun and scenery.

It is divided into two: Iratxeko-Berea I has a capacity for 10 + 2 people and Iratxeko-Berea II for 8 + 1. Both are fully equipped with a garden to enjoy the outdoors.

The house is located in Bortziriak, whose region you can explore, including stunning landscapes bathed by the Bidasoa river; surprising caves with ancient stories, like those of Zugarramurdi; and never-ending trails that will make you want to come back.



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