Jorge Oteiza Museum (Alzuza) Culture and Heritage

Calle la Cuesta, 7, 31486 Alzuza, Navarra

The Oteiza Museum houses the personal collection of the renowned sculptor and all-round artist (born Orio, 1908; died San Sebastián, 2003); made up of 1,650 sculptures, 2,000 pieces from his experimental laboratory, as well as an extensive presence of drawings and collages.

The Museum is focused on the dissemination of the legacy of Jorge Oteiza, one of the main sculptors in the evolution of 20th century art, with a sculptural career founded on aesthetic experimentation, based on vacating forms and emptying the sculpture. He was also a multifaceted interdisciplinary creator, responsible for numerous contributions in the field of essays, poetry, anthropology, architecture, linguistics as well as offering suggestions for the socialisation of culture and art.



Urban bus line 4 to Huarte and continue walking.

Urban bus line 20 to Shopping Centre, Itaroa and continue walking.

Conda-Alsa bus from Pamplona Bus Station:

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– Return: Monday to Saturday, at 2.10 pm; from Monday to Sunday, at 4:25 p.m. and 8:25 p.m.


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