Katalain Church, Valdorba Culture and Heritage

Diseminado Diseminados, 2015, 31395, Navarra

The hermitage of Cristo de Cataláin is one of the main monuments in Valdorba. Located 20 km southeast of Pamplona, you can get there by going to Garínoain and turning east towards Leoz. At the end of the road, 1 km on the right, is a slender belfry, more typical of Castilian Romanesque. The keys can be kindly borrowed in Garínoain from the home of Jesús, the sacristan, not far from the parish.

It has a single nave, oriented and facing east with a drum apse. A series of buildings located at different levels are attached to its south side, which apparently are remains of an old monastery and service buildings. Among them is an elongated nave, parallel to the church, from which several pointed arches appear. At the end of the church, the cylindrical apse has three elongated semi-circular windows, with mouldings surrounding an arched opening, decorated capitals and small columns. There are many stonework marks on its ashlars. Some of these are seen in Eunate’s place, such as the cross with its decorated ends.


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