Megalithic monuments Leitzalarrea-Leitza Culture and Heritage

Unnamed Road, 31880 Leitza, Navarra

In the extraordinary forest of Leitzalarrea, in Leitza, there are traces of the first settlements in the area, dating from the Neolithic period (4,000 years BC). Numerous megalithic monuments are scattered throughout the territory: the dolmen of Mount Mendibil, Cromlech of Urdola (2,000 BC) and the burial mounds at Atxintxa, Lizarran and Azerilar, among others.

One of the routes to discover the secrets that Leitzalarrea keeps is the Iruso megalith walk. It is a signposted path that begins before the Iruso restaurant (4 km from Leitza) and runs past 5 dolmens, 2 burial mounds and 1 menhir in about 2.5 km.




How to get there: Exit Pamplona via the N-240-A or the A-15 motorway. Both converge just before Irurtzun on the A-15 highway. Continue on this road to Lekunberri and, from there, along the NA-1700, to Leitza. After passing the Sarrió factory, take the first turn on the left. Following the road, after a long slope, you will see the signpost for Leitzalarrea.


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