Mendukilo Caves Nature, Organized Activities

Carretera Alli, s/n, 31879 Astitz, Navarra

Delve into the heart of the Sierra de Aralar through the depths of the Mendukilo caves. Near Astitz, a few minutes from Lekunberri (Larraun Valley), are the caves, used as mountain stables for centuries.

Following refurbishment work, 3 of the cave rooms can now admit tourists. An expert guide takes you down to the depths of the earth, from the Artzainzulo room (refuge for shepherds) to the huge Herensugearen gotorlekua room (the dragon’s dwelling), passing through Laminosin, the spectacular hall of the lakes.

In addition, the most daring can take a caving-adventure programme: a 3-hour visit using sports techniques. You need to be in good physical shape for this tour, as it descends to a depth of 70 m to reach the gigantic Guerrero Hall.

Also, there is a reception area where a documentary is shown, and a bathing and snacks area. A 1.5 km botanical itinerary has also been proposed, to discover the environment and its rich variety of trees: beech, oaks, maples, elms and ash, among others.



Practical tips for visiting the cave:

Make sure you are at the mouth of the cave 5 minutes before the start of the visit. Punctuality is essential.

The cave visit lasts 60 minutes and the temperature inside is 8-9°C, so warm clothing is recommended.

You also need to wear appropriate footwear to walk on the catwalk. High heels cannot be worn.


Access: To the cave via the Sierra de Aralar in the municipality of Astiz, 5 km from Lekunberri and 38 km from the Navarre capital.

By car: once in Lekumberri, the road to the cave is signposted. The last stretch of road is along a narrow 2-way road that leads only to the cave. The route ends in a car park next to the reception.



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