Mesa de los Tres Reyes Nature

Table des Trois Rois, 64490 Lescun, Francia

Located in the Larra massif, the Mesa de los Tres Reyes is the highest point in the community, at 2,442 m high. The name of this majestic mountain comes from its location, a border crossroads between the ancient kingdoms of Navarre, Aragon and the Viscounty of Bearne (France). It was said that the kings of each territory would meet at the top without having to leave their own kingdoms.


From the top you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Roncal and Belagua Valleys in Navarre; as well as several nearby peaks and a good part of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Although the ascent is long and has tough sections, it is doable for those who are in good shape and dare to reach the crown of this mountain of kings.

Access: The shortest route (16.2 km round trip) begins at the Linza refuge (Huesca-Aragón).


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