From this balcony you can admire the natural landscape of the northern area of the Baztan valley, with its forests, meadows, livestock, farming areas and typical farmhouses.

To the west, you can see the Legate and Alkurruntz mountains; to the northeast, the peaks of Gorramendi, Otanarte and Gorramakil; and to the east, Auza and Mount Ezkaldo. In addition, in the centre of the valley, you can see the towns of Irurita, Lekaroz, Gartzain, Elizondo and Elbete, and the villages of Zigaurre (Ziga), Etxarri and Aitzano (Gartzain).

This vantage point is the perfect place to capture the splendid views in one image or take a picture in company.

The viewpoint is located on the road that connects the Baztan villages of Ziga and Irurita.


A trip to what is truly authentic and natural, where tourism is organised by people in a sustainable way respectful of our land.


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C/ Juan de Labrit, 27, bajo, PAMPLONA



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