Viewpoint, Basque Coast-Larun Nature

La Rhune, 64310 Ascain, Francia

At 905 m of altitude, Mount Larun is the “Basque coast viewpoint”, due to the impressive panoramic views seen from its summit. On a clear day, you can see the Basque Pyrenees on both sides of the border, the beaches of the Landes and the Basque coast from Biarritz to San Sebastián.

You can walk up to the top, following one of the many hiking trails. However, it is more usual to ride on the Petit train, driven by cogwheels, which takes passengers to the top in 35 minutes.

To go on foot, there are several itineraries that start on either side of the mountain (Bera, Sara, Ascain, Olhette). The train is caught at a station on a hill on the road that connects Sare with Ascain.


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