Monastery of San Salvador de Leyre Culture and Heritage

31410 Monasterio de Leyre, Navarra

Located at the foot of the mountain range from which it takes its name, 50 km from Pamplona and 16 km from Sangüesa, the Leyre monastery holds some magnificent treasures, such as the 11th century crypt, the Gothic vault and the “Porta Speciosa”, a superb Romanesque portico from the 12th century.

The atmosphere of peace and serenity that invites reflection and inner calm comfort the spirit; the austere architecture, whose walls have witnessed an important part of history, culture and art; the amazing nature that invites you just to walk and meditate; breathtaking Gregorian chant; and conversations with the Benedictine monks are just some of the attractions that will remain long in the memory after visiting the San Salvador de Leyre monastery: one of the most attractive and endearing monumental complexes in Navarre, and the resting place of a number of Navarrese kings.


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