Monastery of Santa María de Iranzu, Abárzuza Culture and Heritage

Monasterio de Santa María de Iranzu, 31178 Abárzuza, Navarra

Hidden in the green valley of Yerri, in a secluded area between the mountains, is the monastery of Santa María de Irantzu, a grandiose Cistercian abbey built between the 12th and 14th centuries.

Its elegant and austere Gothic cloister is one of the most beautiful parts of the monastery, which invites you to discover the different monastery buildings renovated in 1942.

A joyful atmosphere of peace and serenity invites reflection and inner peace throughout. Do not miss the opportunity to chat quietly with the Theatine Fathers, living stones of this monastery, or to sit quietly by the fountain in the cloister.

After the visit, enjoy the beautiful natural environment of a semi-wild valley with crystalline pools of water, and walk along the path that goes up the canyon dug out by the Iranzu River, at the foot of the Andía mountain range.


The guided tour shows you the medieval-style kitchen with a gigantic fireplace, the refectory, the cellar, the abbey house, the punishment cells, the chapter house and the Church of Santa María.


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