MTB area Tierra Estella Nature, Organized Activities

31200 Estella, Navarra, España.

This area for MTB routes runs through Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea, from north to south and from east to west, inviting you to get to know the area in depth, while enjoying the more than 2000 km of bicycle routes.

These routes offer options for everyone, from families, through cyclists just starting out, to the most experienced, and the routes are marked in different colours according to their difficulty.

Along the routes, the diversity of the landscapes can be enjoyed by visiting the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, the Lókiz mountain range, Montejurra and the Ribera Estellesa plain, the Cañadas Reales, the St James Way, the Navarre-Basque Railroad Greenway and also the GR 99 – Ebro Natural Way, among others.


The marking was done following International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) standards and subdivides the Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea into 5 large areas in both directions of travel: the odd routes go clockwise, while the even ones are anti-clockwise.


In addition, this area has 7 reception centres that offer different services for the needs of each cyclist: e.g. a small workshop and repair kits, bicycle rental and washing and information on the MTB area and its routes.




  • Ruta 1-2
  • Ruta 3-4
  • Ruta 3A-4A
  • Ruta 3B-4B
  • Ruta 5-6
  • Ruta 5A-6A
  • Ruta 5B-6B
  • Ruta 5D-6D
  • Ruta 5E-6E
  • Ruta 7-8
  • Ruta 7A-8A
  • Ruta 7B-8B
  • Ruta 9-10
  • Ruta 11-12
  • Ruta 11A-12A
  • Ruta 11B-12B


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