Nacedero de Iribas Nature

Nacedero de Iribas, 31879 Navarra

The limestone terrain that makes up the Sierra de Aralar allows rainwater to filter through, which has formed an intricate network of underground rivers. A good part of this water empties into the Larraun Springs, in Iribas, which is the start of a very peculiar river. After 2 km, the river has 2 sources and 2 names: the Ertzilla and Larraun. The first part of the river, Ertzilla, starts at the Aitzarrateta spring before its waters disappear into a sinkhole after 1 km. However, the river reappears in Basakaitz, under the town of Iribas, in several springs that form the source of the Larraun river.

There is a circular path for you to visit all the Iribas springs, and enjoy one of the most magical spots in Navarre. The path enters the greenery that makes up the landscape, parallel to the waters that descend through small natural waterfalls.


Information about the trail:

Length: 5 km

Difficulty: Low

Height: 100 m

Approximate duration: 1 h 30 minutes.


Access: The trail begins and ends in the Iribas car park.



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