Pamplona walls Culture and Heritage

Av. del Ejército, 1, 31001 Pamplona, Navarra

The 5 km route around the walls of Pamplona provides an unusual and evocative walk around the city. It is one of the most interesting and best-preserved defensive complexes in Spain, which earned it the status of a National Monument. The visitor can walk around them from the Media Luna Park, following the Paseo del Obispo Barbazán to La Taconera.

As a medieval city, Pamplona was surrounded with a walled ring to defend itself from the enemy, but it was not until the King of Navarre came to the Crown of Castile, in 1515, when its strategic location made it an outpost of the Spanish crown against France.

The development was begun of a great and formidable fortress, which has its peak with the Citadel. Bastions, bulwarks, gates, arrow slits, ravelins, forts … all provide the walled complex with the sobriety and sophistication of this type of defensive complex.

The development of the city in the 20th century led to the tearing down of some parts so that the modern city could expand; but its essence remains.


Guided tour of the walls exterior: Consult the guided tour companies at the Pamplona Tourist Office (948 420 700)


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