The Citadel Park in Pamplona is considered as the lungs of Pamplona. An area of 280,000 square metres whose pavilions, moats, bastions, ravelins, fortifications, minor buildings and glacis are today public places of leisure, sports and culture. The Citadel, an urban landmark in Pamplona, is also considered the best example of military architecture from the Spanish Renaissance and one of the most outstanding defensive fortifications in Europe.

The Citadel was built in 1571 to protect Pamplona from constant incursions from the French army, at the request of King Felipe II. Its original structure was a regular pentagon with five bastions at the corners, but the construction of the First Expansion in the city forced the demolition of two of them.


Discover the imposing Citadel by entering it on foot through the Avenida del Ejército or the Vuelta del Castillo.


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