Urbasa and Andia Natural Park Nature

Parque natural Urbasa, 31810, Navarra

To the west of Navarre, the Natural Park denomination protects an authentic treasure of nature formed by the Sierras de Urbasa and Andía. These mountains form a geographical barrier between two major bioclimatic zones: the Atlantic and Mediterranean, which increase the diversity of flora and fauna in this cross-over zone.

Some 145 different species of vertebrates inhabit this place, which covers an area of 21,408 ha. Most of the territory is covered with beech trees, as well as other species, such as yews, junipers and pines. The landscape is also made up of different mountain pastures dotted with heather and hawthorn, where mares and sheep graze.

In short, it is a vast territory of unequalled natural wealth. At a geological level, the limestone terrain lets water seep in and create chasms and cracks. Sometimes the underground aquifers leap to the surface in a head of water, like the impressive Nacedero de Urederra.

The park can be visited by following several marked trails of varying difficulty. In addition, there is an Information Centre at the north entrance about the importance of the landscape and ecology in the park. In the south, there is an Interpretation Area on the uses that Urbasa has traditionally had.


Access: To the Urbasa Andía Natural Park, by the NA-120 Estella-Beasain, or the NA-718 Estella-Olazti/Olazagutía.



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