This majestic mountain of 2,017 meters height rises in the northeast of Navarre, on the edge of the border with France. Orhi offers extraordinary views, both of the Irati Forest and of the nearby peaks (Anie, the Mesa de los Tres Reyes and the Acherito), which is a challenge for climbers. One of the routes proposed starts the ascent at the top of Larrau, and reaches the top after just over an hour of walking. Basque mythology has it that the home of Mari, goddess of the genies of nature, and Basajaun, lord of the forest, was here.

Access: To reach Larrau pass from the Navarre side, you can drive through Ochagavía on the NA-2011 road. From the French side, take the D26 road and pass through the Erroymendi pass.


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