Tourism code: UR000894

Traditional Navarre cuisine. Highlights are the vegetable stew, roast meats and homemade desserts, particularly the curd.

The Benta Miguel Restaurant is located at the foot of the Velate Pass, Ventas de Arraitz, in the heart of the Ultzama Valley, Navarre.

Highlights are our famous vegetable stew “de la Amatxi”, the Benta Miguel stuffed schnitzel, ribeye steak, hake a la koxkera, suckling pig and wood oven roast lamb; as well as homemade desserts, such as goxua and curd, made with fresh milk from our own sheep. We also offer seasonal dishes such as fresh asparagus, tripe, pigeon and mushrooms, among others.

In recognition of our cuisine, the Navarre Government awarded us the category of “Restaurant specialising in Navarre Gastronomy” in 2014.



  • Set menu
    € 13
  • Weekend set menu
    € 24


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