To the south of the Ulzama Valley, lies an extensive ancient forest. It is the Orgi oak grove, the only witness to the wet oak groves of Navarre, scarce forests of great ecological richness.

Protected under the name of a Recreational Natural Area, its 80 hectares are divided into 3 zones:

Arigartzeta is the reception area with a parking area, information booth, customer service, picnic areas and services.

Tomaszelaieta is the walking area, with flat and accessible paths (including people in wheelchairs and the blind) for you to discover this wonderful area. Along the way, there are different information panels and observation areas, regarding birds, amphibians and aquatic fauna. Three routes are proposed: “Labyrinth” (300m), “Road” (1400m) and “Path” (700m.)

Muñagorri is the conservation area is in the process of natural regeneration, and so is not currently accessible to the public.

You should lose yourself in the forest and enjoy a landscape that keeps its charm throughout the year. In winter, its bare branches and the mystery that spreads through the forest are captivating. It is also a very popular place for bird watching, and in spring and autumn you can admire the beautiful colours the forest acquires.

In summer, it turns into a natural outdoor setting for shows and events within the Culture programme.



The Orgi Forest is in Lizaso, 25 km north of Pamplona. It can be reached by the N121-A, going towards France. There is a turn off at Ostiz towards Lizaso, or it can be accessed by the N240-A until Aizoain where you go up to Marcalain by the N4110.





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