Ultzama-Basaburua Oak Groves Nature

Calle San Pedro, 8, 31797 Larraintzar, Navarra

The valleys of Ultzama and Basaburua are characterised by having low areas with fields and oak groves (Quercus robur). Many of these oaks are centuries old, and three have been declared Natural Monuments; the oaks of: Jauntsarats I, Jauntsarats II and Eltzaburu. The area also has acidophile beech and ancient chestnut groves, housing a diversified fauna.

To the south, in Lizaso, is the Orgi Forest Recreational Natural Area, which is another old oak forest, with some specimens up to 250 years old.

Different trails allow you to discover these magnificent forests. In the shade of the oak groves you can breathe in tranquillity, while listening to the soft murmur of the river or the songs of birds such as the red kite.


Visit: One possible path through the oak groves leads to the monumental Jauntsarats oaks; it is 1.9 km long and not difficult to complete.

Access: The route begins at the Jauntsarats school, at the exit of the town towards the Ultzama valley.


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