Nordic Walking Routes Tierras de Javier Nature

Plaza Consistorial Sancha de Aibar, Navarra

The NW Tierras de Javier Territory is a new concept in sport and leisure that combines Nordic walking with enjoyment in the heart of nature and the beautiful surroundings.

Nordic walking is a sport founded in Finland that consists of walking with the help of poles similar to skis. Although designed for lovers of Nordic walking, you can also take part in other activities, such as hiking, running, horseback riding and mountain biking.

Each of the four NW centres has an undiscovered experience with a different, singular essence. Rediscover the history carved in the stone of the town of Javier; admire the abrupt landscape from the top of the towns of Biscay; enjoy the Kaparreta Nature Reserve while you walk; or walk in the shoes of our Roman ancestors between the roads of the Centre at Santa Ágata.

You decide which one captivates you first; because, in Tierras de Javier-Xabierren Lurrak, walking is just the beginning.


4 Nordic Walking centres:

  1. Biscay Nordic Walking Centre: In the surroundings of the towns of Aibar-Oibar, Leache and Sada.
  2. Centre Nordic Walking Santa Ágata: In the surroundings of the towns of Ayesa, Eslava and Lerga.
  3. La Kaparreta Nordic Walking Centre: In the surroundings of the towns of Gallipienzo – Galipentzu and Cáseda.
  4. Centre Nordic Walking Javier: In the surroundings of the town of Javier.



Reservations: To join the workshop and subsequent tour, you must book via email beforehand, at There will be 20 places with a loan of poles and 10 more for people who carry their own poles. Reservations are on a strict first come, first served basis.


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