The Pitillas Lagoon Nature

31392 Pitillas, Navarra

Storks, goslings, starlings, grebes, bitterns, marsh harriers … hundreds of birds that move languidly through the Pitillas lagoon Natural Reserve, classified as a special protection area for birds and the most extensive steppe wetland of endorheic origin in Navarre.

In the bird observatory, there is an excellent viewpoint to observe the birds, with graphic and audiovisual information on the natural features of the lagoon.

There are also binoculars and telescopes to help identify the birds, and information guides to help you navigate the 3 self-guided itineraries. The first is 1 km long, for you to get to know the birds and vegetation in the wetland; the second, 5 km long, shows the ravines that supply the lagoon and their inter-relationship with human beings; while the third joins the lagoon with the town of Pitillas along a 3-km journey.

Any time of year is good to visit this natural area, but if you want to see birds, you should go in winter; and from March to June it is advisable to take alternative routes so as not to disturb the birds and their chicks. Between spring and August you can enjoy the graceful flight of the grey herons with their reddish-black plumage; while in May, at dusk, you can hear the booming call of the bittern.

Access to the lagoon is via a track about 2 km from Pitillas, on the road that connects it with Santacara.


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