Tiebas Castle Culture and Heritage

Calle Mayor, 2A, 31398, Navarra

The history of Tiebas Castle is fascinating and not to be missed. Theobald I ordered the construction of the castle around 1250 and since then it has suffered throughout history.

It survived numerous attacks quite well until an attack by Castile in 1378 ended with it on fire. With it, burned a good part of the Navarre Archive, and this has deprived us of a lot of information about our history.

Luckily, in 1512, it managed not be demolished under Cardinal Cisneros.

Then it witnessed a bloody battle in 1810 between four battalions under Espoz y Mina against more than 3,000 French soldiers.

In the end, after being abandoned, many of the stones were taken from the castle, and work is being done now to consolidate the structure. Come for a visit and see it first hand.


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