Jauregia Tower, Donamaria Culture and Heritage

Uxarrea Auzoa, 2, 31750 Donamaria, Navarra

Jauregia is a 15th century medieval tower of fundamentally Gothic construction which watches over the entrance and exit to the village of Donamaria, and is in full view for anyone who wants to admire it. Despite its defensive character, since the 16th century it has been used as a home and, until 20 years ago, was a farmhouse. Popularly known as the “House of Tables”, the tower consists of 4 floors: 2 built of stone and 2 built of wood or kick boards.


It is interesting to access the scaffold area, where wheat was dried, which has special lighting and acoustics. The tower was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2000 and restored in 2001, but it still maintains the essence of other old buildings in the valleys of this area.


Access: The tower is located at the entrance to the village Donamaria.




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