Xoxorrin, Source of the Bidasoa Nature

Xoxorrin, Nacedero del Bidasoa, 31714, Navarra

Take a refreshing walk among beech and chestnut trees to the Xorroxin waterfall, at the source of the Bidasoa river. It is an easy circular route (7 km) which includes the town of Erratzu and village of Gorotapolo; while along the way you can see limes, hermitages and even bunkers.

Once at the waterfall, if you listen carefully, the murmur of the water will tell stories of mythological creatures. According to legend, lamias, beautiful women with fish tails who combed their hair with golden combs, lived in this beautiful place.

The tour begins in the town of Erraztu, which is accessed by the NA-2600 road.



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