Zaragoza Airport (ZAZ) Airports, Info - Transport

Carr. del Aeropuerto, 50190 Zaragoza, España

The airport of Zaragoza is located southwest of the city, ten kilometers from the city center. It is an aerodrome for joint civil-military use.

Public transport from the airport:

  • Airport-Zaragoza: Line that connects the airport with Pº Mª Agustín, 7 in Zaragoza, and stops at PLAZA, Plaza Imperial and the Intermodal Station. Single ticket costs 1,85 ?.
  • Airport-Tudela-Pamplona: Service that connects the airport of Zaragoza with Tudela and Pamplona, schedules adapted to the departure and arrival of flights. On Sundays, one of the services also connects with San Sebastian. A single ticket costs 17.15 euros.

The airport has a cab rank, a parking offer and among other services that can be found inside the airport, there is a car rental service.

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