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Navarre Rural Tourism

We are an entity that works hard to promote quality and sustainable rural tourism in one of the most diverse territories in the nation.


Rural and Diverse

Navarre is an eminently “Rural” and “Diverse” community, in its scenery, natural heritage and the cultural richness of its towns and people. The effort to develop an orderly and sustainable “Rural Tourism” since 2001 is the other great value that singles out Navarre as a national benchmark in the sector. It is these great values with over 400 establishments and 1500 people who work in them every day that give shape to the “Navarre Rural Tourism” federation, whose sole objective is offering our visitors an original and truly authentic experience.

Privileged and Diverse Natural Environment

The complete geography of our territory, with the Pyrenees to the north and the Ebro depression to the south, make Navarre a complex and diverse area of landscapes and microclimates. The duality of the transoceanic slopes sets us apart as one of the few national territories that have both an Atlantic and Continental climate. This peculiarity is seen in the northern zone mountain vegetation which changes in just a few kilometres.

If we add to this, the pre-Pyrenean areas of the low mountains, the Sierra de Aralar and Urbasa-Andia, the Bardenas Reales national park and the orchards and market gardens next to the Ebro river, what we have is a an infinity of landscapes to discover.

Truly Authentic Experiences

Navarre offers a range of landscapes and experiences to discover. From enjoying the most incredible sunsets in the Bardenas desert to passing through our ancient forests in the most remote part of Quinto Real in the heart of the Pyrenees; this is only a small part of what Rural Navarre can offer.

Guided visits to our natural parks and our extensive historical heritage are also attractive for those who prefer a more organised trip and, along with these natural enclaves, the most intrepid will be able to practise a wide range of multi-adventure sports.

But Rural Navarre also provides many little things our visitors find along their way, such as a lunch or a traditional meal in any of our Bars and Restaurants; staying in our Hotels or Rural Houses nestled in the most impressive places; or enjoying the best Campsites and Hostels in contact with nature at all times.

We are committed to humanised, sustainable tourism.

At “Navarre Rural Tourism”, we are committed to truly authentic and sustainable tourism experiences. Taking maximum care of our natural and cultural environment as a priority, via respectful, orderly and manageable tourism.

The result and benefits of this new way of seeing, doing and understanding rural tourism is to offer travellers a high quality, independent experience, where they really get to know a territory, its nature, its culture and the reality of its people.

Finally, the resources and investments of recent years in the care of our natural and monumental heritage, and constant improvement in the hospitality and catering infrastructure around these natural environments, make our territory a current benchmark for rural tourism at an international level.

Tourism made by People for People

The tourist associations that promote tourism in the different areas of the Navarre territory, which form the “Navarre Rural Tourism” federation, are made up of over 400 tourist establishments that provide employment for about 1500 people.


Navarre Hospitality Association that promotes and generates activity in the sector and for its associates.

Baztan Bidasoa Tourism Association

Baztan Bidasoa Tourism Association promotes this type of activity in the territory

Navarre Hostels Association

Navarre Hostels Association works actively to promote this type of establishment in the territory.

Aralar Urbasa Rural Houses Association

Association composed of Rural Houses in the areas of the Sierras de Aralar and Urbasa.

Tourist Association of the Navarrese Pyrenees

Association composed of lodgings, restaurants, stores, artisan producers and services of the Salazar Valley and Almiradío de Navascués.

Roncal Valley Rural Houses and Apartments Association

Association that represents rural houses and apartments in the Roncal Valley.

Reckrea Navarre Rural Hotels

Association that represents small and large Rural Hotels in Navarre.

Navarre Association for the Development of Rural Equestrian Tourism

Association that promotes the equestrian tourism sector within Navarre.

BIDELAGUN – Sakana Tourist Association

Association that promotes tourism in the villages of the Sakana Valley.

Enjoy the most beautiful natural enclaves, explore our festivals and carnivals from another time, full of exhibitions, traditional products and crafts, get to know the unmistakable support from our people, let yourself be seduced by our varied gastronomy and let us surprise you with innumerable unique and unforgettable moments.
Travel your way to the most authentic and natural Rural Navarre, and discover a different experience and landscape in each corner of the territory.

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