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Here are some tips and recommendations when it comes to rural tourism in Navarre

Seekers of the authentic

For travellers in search of the authentic, here are some tips and recommendations that will be very useful when you arrive in Navarre, how to move around the territory and where to find up-to-date information on everything the region offers.
We hope you enjoy our land and, above all, we ask you to take care of our great natural treasures with the same affection and respect as our people do.

Private transport

Here is a complete list of private taxis to take you through the different territories in comfort.

How to get there

Here you can resolve all your doubts about how to get to Navarre, by road, rail or air.

Tourism offices

Here are the tourist office locations should you need more information about our territory.

Restricted access spaces

There are many green areas in the territory that are only accessible on foot. You must observe these signposted areas restricted to the passage of vehicles; you may be fined if you fail to comply with these restrictions.

Navarre opening hours

Lunch and dinner times in territory food service establishments are generally: Lunch from 1.30 to 3.30 pm;| Dinner from 8.00 to 10.00 pm. *Always consult your accommodation timetable as it may be different.

Advance booking

Booking the place where you want to stay in advance is advisable. Also, planning and booking guided tours is always advisable, as some locations admit a maximum number of visitors on the same day.

Other useful tips

Always wear proper footwear

Wearing suitable footwear is a good recommendation for any rural tourism or sport activity, such as trips and hiking, and even for less intense days or activities, such as visits to museums or walks through any of our beautiful villages.

Charged mobile battery

Mobile phones have become a vital tool in recent times both to orient yourself through forest and mountain trails and to ask for help in an emergency. So we always recommend you ensure your mobile is charged or you carry a spare battery, in case it is necessary.

A map never hurts

In recent times, modern methods, such as mobile phones and GPS devices, have almost rendered the traditional map obsolete. When planning an excursion, you should make sure you have a physical map of the territory, no matter how rudimentary it may be. If you get lost, there is nothing better to have.

Preserving the environment is everyone's business

At “Navarre Rural Tourism”, we want to encourage visitors to collaborate actively with our sustainable tourism project and to be respectful of the environment. So we ask our visitors to ensure the environment is kept free of waste or other rubbish at all times. Please take special care in putting out and recycling cigarette ends.

Respect for cultural activities

Respect cultural activities

The respect for ceremonies, traditions and people during festivals and popular folklore events, no matter how surprising they may seem, is the best attitude for the traveller. Participating in or observing the event is always the best option, within the bounds of respect and cordiality, of course. Please ask someone if you are not sure.

Dress properly

In Navarre, many of our traditions and celebrations, whether religious or pagan, tend to have different standards of dress and style. To avoid problems, please observe these unwritten rules by finding out about them beforehand. For example, not wearing a shirt or wearing bathing suits at religious or institutional rites is usually inappropriate. Please check beforehand if you are not sure.

… And the best advice

Ask and interact with the people and, above all, enjoy the cultural richness of our land.

Our Guide

All the information about the territory, what to do, where to eat and where to stay. It is gathered in this complete guide.

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