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Aralar and Urbasa-Andía

An attractive natural environment of valleys in the north that evokes peace and tranquillity.

Aralar and Urbasa-Andía

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The green valleys of Larraun, Imotz, Araitz, Ultzama, Leitzaran, Sakana and Basaburua make up this territory surrounded by forests and meadows in the Sierra de Aralar and Urbasa. This is an excellent environment if what you are looking for is to rest and enjoy the most harmonious nature and awaken your senses.
Aralar-Urbasa is timeless in the sense that it can be enjoyed at any time of the year, with each change of season being experienced intensely, coupled with the different shades of changing colours. These valleys feature large rivers which, together with the rainy and sometimes snowy climate, impart the green colour to the meadows and forests in the territory. The most abundant type of vegetation is trees, mainly beech and centenary oaks, with chestnuts and hazelnuts, accompanied by wild boar, roe deer, owls and foxes, and forests containing ancient monasteries and dolmens that are still preserved today.

Among the sustainable and authentically rural tourism activities you can enjoy in this territory are walking tours, bicycle routes and outdoor activities; such as the Dantzaleku Athletic Club in Alsasua, which provides a tour explaining how oaks were formed and made into whaling boats (Albaola); the Ancient Oak path in Etxarri Aranatz and the Irañeta path.
Another stop is San Miguel in Excelsis, which is a sanctuary built in the Sierra de Aralar, next to the top of Mount Artxueta, from where you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the Sakana Valley. The old sanctuary has a strong religious significance in Navarre. The image of San Miguel is seen in many towns in the province, covered in silver and carried by his Brotherhood. However, these walls also enclose another magnificent jewel from the 12th century, a precious enamelled altarpiece with 37 religious scenes, considered one of the best works of European enamelling.
You should definitely mix with its people and absorb the authentic culture that comes to us from our ancestors through the megaliths, the architecture of the towns, the festivals and carnivals, rural sports, music and dance, or simply soak up the oldest language in Europe: Basque.

Get to know, experience and enjoy a timeless environment full of nature and the most authentic culture in the territory.

Allow yourself to be taken in by the peace and tranquillity of this spectacular, unique environment, enjoying each hidden place within the stillness of nature.

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Tour Plan

Find the most suitable accommodation for your needs.
Choose from the wide range of accommodation offered by the territory according to your and your companions’ needs.
  • Rural houses, guest houses and hotels for an authentic experience.
  • Hostels and campsites with all creature comforts.
  • Attentiveness and hospitality in your rural stay in Navarre.
Plan activities according to your companions.
The Navarrese territory offers sports and gastronomic and cultural activities for all. Choose the ones that best suit you and enjoy your stay to the fullest.
  • Hiking, bike routes and adventure sports in a unique environment.
  • Visit wineries and taste the best wines with friends and family
  • Discover the cultural wealth and secrets of each territory.
Plan your trip to coincide with a seasonal event or activity.
Towns in Navarre have a great cultural tradition of popular festivals and carnivals, so we recommend you make sure your stay in Navarre takes into account the events on offer for a complete experience.
Discover the environment and let yourself be surprised.
Discover the secrets that each town has. Mix with its people and explore every nook and cranny as well as the different forests and landscapes.
  • Learn about the history and traditions inherited from the most authentic rural towns.
  • Lose yourself in a rich environment of abrupt changes in the landscape, from north to south, and east to west.
Let yourself be captivated by our gastronomy.
Each area of Navarre has a unique essence transmitted through its rich agriculture and livestock farming, which are transformed into the best dishes and recipes reflecting the personality of each territory: taste the wines, share the garden produce and complete your visit in the best cider houses.

Tour Location

Larraun, Imotz, Araitz, Ultzama, Leitzaran, Sakana and Basaburua Valleys.
By road
AP15; A15 for Lekumberri and A10 for Sakana.
Other transport
Train and bus.
Featured activities
  • Mendukilo Caves
  • Urbasa-Andía Natural Park
  • Source of the Iribas
  • Source of the River Urederra
  • Orgi Oak grove
  • Plazaola Greenway
  • San Miguel de Aralar Sanctuary
Temperate springs and autumns with abundant rain. Cold winters with snow.
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