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Navarre Riverside

Nestled in the Ebro valley, the southernmost region of the Foral Community of Navarre is characterised by its great horticultural tradition.

Navarre Riverside

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To the south of the Autonomous Community is La Ribera de Navarre, in what is known as the Ebro valley. This area is the hottest in the territory, and brings together abruptly contrasting landscapes, with the semi-desert of the Bardenas Reales and the irrigated area of the market gardens.
The gastronomy in this region is of great importance, due to the richness of its market garden produce, with their own quality names such as Cogollos de Tudela (lettuce), Artichokes, Cardoon, Borrage and the piquillo peppers of Lodosa, which together with its long winemaking tradition, make it a very special gastronomic area.
The Ribera de Navarre has always been a meeting place throughout history, as we find the influence of the Iron Age, the Roman era and traces of the Romanesque and Baroque periods in art and architecture that continue to this day. Different peoples have also coexisted in these regions and who, despite their historical differences, have managed to remain united over time, producing a mixture of Jewish, Muslim and Christian culture. A good example of this can be seen in its buildings, such as the Cathedral of Santa María de Tudela, built on an old mosque. Corella, however, it is also the capital of the Navarrese Baroque along with other cities such as Fitero and Cascante.
In the Ribera, each town houses an unexpected treasure: a disturbing landscape, the legacy of a vanished civilisation, an artistic jewel, the memory of monks and knights, a unique tradition or a great popular festival. And throughout, simple, passionate and hospitable people make rural tourism a reality available for anyone who wants to feel at home.

Throughout the extreme changes in the surroundings of the Ribera, we find simple and friendly people who make rural tourism a reality to enjoy and learn from.

Get to know this wonderful environment and enjoy the most authentic gastronomy, cooked with care, with the best local products from the quality riverside market gardens, and take a little of the joy of its people home with you

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Tour Plan

Find the most suitable accommodation for your needs.
Choose from the wide range of accommodation offered by the territory according to your and your companions’ needs.
  • Rural houses, guest houses and hotels for an authentic experience.
  • Hostels and campsites with all creature comforts.
  • Attentiveness and hospitality in your rural stay in Navarre.
Plan activities according to your companions.
The Navarrese territory offers sports and gastronomic and cultural activities for all. Choose the ones that best suit you and enjoy your stay to the fullest.
  • Hiking, bike routes and adventure sports in a unique environment.
  • Visit wineries and taste the best wines with friends and family
  • Discover the cultural wealth and secrets of each territory.
Plan your trip to coincide with a seasonal event or activity.
Discover the environment and let yourself be surprised.
Discover the secrets that each town has. Mix with its people and explore every nook and cranny as well as the different forests and landscapes.
  • Learn about the history and traditions inherited from the most authentic rural towns.
  • Lose yourself in a rich environment of abrupt changes in the landscape, from north to south, and east to west.
Let yourself be captivated by our gastronomy.
Each area of Navarre has a unique essence transmitted through its rich agriculture and livestock farming, which are transformed into the best dishes and recipes reflecting the personality of each territory: taste the wines, share the garden produce and complete your visit in the best cider houses.

Tour Location

Tudela, las Bardenas Reales, Fitero, Cascante, Lodosa…
Access roads
AP-15, N-121, N-232
Other transports
Tren, autobuses y avión.
Featured activities
  • Senda Viva
  • Bardenas Reales Natural Park
  • Festivities of the Volatín and the Bajada del Ángel - Tudela.
  • Popular Festivals
  • Tudela Cathedral
Sunny with little rain, although winters are cold with a strong prevailing wind (cierzo). Summers hot and dry.
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