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Pamplona region

In the heart of Navarre is its capital, crossed by towns that preserve traces of the passage of history and culture.

Pamplona region

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The heart of the towns of Navarre.

Pamplona is located at the very centre of the provincial community, as the cultural and gastronomic nucleus of Navarrese geography. The city can boast being one of the greenest areas for parks and gardens in Spain, maintaining the balance between progress and sustainability with its open spaces. Proof of this are the Ciudadela Park, the Media Luna with the monument to Pablo Sarasate and La Taconera, with a monument dedicated to the tenor, Julián Gayarre.


One of the places of most interest for visitors to Pamplona is the bull running monument, a tribute to the San Fermín festivities, as well as others of great cultural value, such as the defensive walls surrounding the city and the Gothic Cathedral dedicated to Santa María, where King Charles III of Navarre rests.

Essential on your visit to the city is wandering around the old town, with its shops, cafes and restaurants, where you can visit the churches that make up the city centre and try the best pinchos and tapas snacks in its streets, such as Calle Estafeta – well-known for its central role in the San Fermín bull running festival.

Being a city, it is very well surrounded by small towns that preserve their own pieces of history: in the stone of medieval bridges, Romanesque churches or in landmarks of great artistic interest, such as the Jorge Oteiza Museum. One of the star Romanesque temples in Navarre is the Church of Santa María de Eunate in Muruzábal, while the Noain Aqueduct is a significant architectural example of the Enlightenment.

These municipalities in the Pamplona Basin are also good places to practise rural tourism, leisure activities and excursions related to the towns, such as hiking, cycling, horseback riding, quad biking and many other adventure sports.

The gastronomic and cultural centre of the Navarrese territory that you cannot miss.

Come to the heart of a territory rich in different landscapes and varied in culture and cuisine; where the rural areas combine with the progress of a city that will win you over with its monuments and old town streets.

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Tour Plan

Find the most suitable accommodation for your needs.
Choose from the wide range of accommodation offered by the territory according to your and your companions’ needs.
  • Rural houses, guest houses and hotels for an authentic experience.
  • Hostels and campsites with all creature comforts.
  • Attentiveness and hospitality in your rural stay in Navarre.
Plan activities according to your companions.
The Navarrese territory offers sports and gastronomic and cultural activities for all. Choose the ones that best suit you and enjoy your stay to the fullest.
  • Hiking, bike routes and adventure sports in a unique environment.
  • Visit wineries and taste the best wines with friends and family
  • Discover the cultural wealth and secrets of each territory.
Plan your trip to coincide with a seasonal event or activity.
Towns in Navarre have a great cultural tradition of popular festivals and carnivals, so we recommend you make sure your stay in Navarre takes into account the events on offer for a complete experience.
Discover the environment and let yourself be surprised.
Discover the secrets that each town has. Mix with its people and explore every nook and cranny as well as the different forests and landscapes.
  • Learn about the history and traditions inherited from the most authentic rural towns.
  • Lose yourself in a rich environment of abrupt changes in the landscape, from north to south, and east to west.
Let yourself be captivated by our gastronomy.
Each area of Navarre has a unique essence transmitted through its rich agriculture and livestock farming, which are transformed into the best dishes and recipes reflecting the personality of each territory: taste the wines, share the garden produce and complete your visit in the best cider houses.

Tour Location

By road
AP-15, AP-68,
Other transport
Train, buses and plane.
Featured activities
  • Gastronomy in the old town
  • Pamplona Cathedral
  • Santa Maria de Eunate Church
  • Media Luna Park
  • Town Hall Square
Temperatures in winter and summer are more extreme than elsewhere, as the sea has no influence upon them. Rain is a normal occurrence in the spring, autumn and winter months with, occasionally, snow.
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