Sierra del Perdón Viewpoint Nature

Alto de la sierra del Perdón, 31190, Navarra

Located at an altitude of 770 m, this is a natural observation point with exceptional panoramic views facing north towards Pamplona, the Navarre capital, and the Pyrenean mountains, and to the south towards the cereal lands and medieval towns steeped in history in the Valdizarbe valley. This is an obligatory stop for pilgrims along the St James Way, coming from Pamplona towards Puente la Reina.

There is an information point next to the singular, full size sheet metal sculpture of a group of pilgrims, called the “Monument to the Way” by Vicente Galbete. It represents a retinue of pilgrims from different eras crossing a line of windmills. The text that accompanies the work says “Where the path of the wind meets that of the stars.”

In fact, this relentless wind led to the Sierra del Perdón having the first wind farm in the Foral Community.


Access: The mountain is located 10 km south of Pamplona, between the Arga, the Robo and the Elorza rivers, along the NA 6056.


A trip to what is truly authentic and natural, where tourism is organised by people in a sustainable way respectful of our land.



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