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Baztán Bidasoa

Located in the northern part of Navarre, it consists of several valleys where the vegetation and the environment transcend the senses.

Baztán Bidasoa

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Where legend and nature become one in the landscape.

In the northwest of Navarre, where the meadows join the gentlest area of Pyrenees relief, is the region of Baztan-Bidasoa. It is structured around the waters of the river of the same name: the Bidasoa River. Its source is the Xorroxin Waterfall (Baztan) which flows into Hondarribia, flooding the valleys that run through it with magic, history and culture: Baztan, Malerreka and Bortziriak. The slopes are covered with ferns, green meadows and rounded shapes furrowed by countless streams and paths, leading to waterfalls and caves, where the shaded, silent forests keep their secrets. This is all the result of the Atlantic microclimate that surrounds this particular area of Navarre and makes it different, leaving landscapes as characteristic as they are beautiful.
The imposing greenery that bathes these valleys makes it especially suitable for raising cattle, especially cows and sheep. You can see the native breed of Latxa sheep, typical of humid locations in the north of the peninsula, as you travel along the roads and paths that link the mountain dwellings with their villages. It comes as no surprise that the typical rural gastronomy of the Baztan-Bidasoa valley is roast meat, fresh garden produce, game and desserts based on dairy products such as curd, cheese and cottage cheese, all made by hand, and with different Denominations.
There is nothing better than enjoying the power of an authentic experience and diving into the culture of our land, where customs rooted in the territory continue to be pampered, giving it its unique personality: Basque as the natural language of the area; the practice of old sports such as Basque pelota; and other more rural ones with roots in popular festivals. And if there is something you have to experience at least once in your life, it is the carnivals and pagan festivals that continue to this day, plunging us into another truly authentic experience. And harking back to their past, we find places as magical as the Zugarramurdi and Urdax caves, where legends tell us that pagan and coven festivals brought a trail of mystery to these peoples, where witches or ‘belagiles’ danced around the fire invoking the devil, claiming the lives of people persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition in the Middle Ages. Today the memory is collected in the Museum of the Zugarramurdi Witches, which delves into this history and brings reality and legend up to the present day.

A truly unique place that combines history with tradition and legend.

Whoever visits this enclave of Navarre never leaves without taking a part of this culture, its mystery and rural charm with them. There are many unique territories to visit in Baztan-Bidasoa: Bertizarana, the heart of this area with the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park; Malerreka, with an abundance of rivers and oak and beech forests; Cinco Villas – Bortziriak, five towns on either side of the Bidasoa river; Urdax and Zugarramurdi, where legends were born; and the Baztan Valley, the origin of this culture. Draw closer if you want to leave a part of yourself in these valleys.

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Find the most suitable accommodation for your needs.
Choose from the wide range of accommodation offered by the territory according to your and your companions’ needs.
  • Rural houses, guest houses and hotels for an authentic experience.
  • Hostels and campsites with all creature comforts.
  • Attentiveness and hospitality in your rural stay in Navarre.
Plan activities according to your companions.
The Navarrese territory offers sports and gastronomic and cultural activities for all. Choose the ones that best suit you and enjoy your stay to the fullest.
  • Hiking, bike routes and adventure sports in a unique environment.
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  • Discover the cultural wealth and secrets of each territory.
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Towns in Navarre have a great cultural tradition of popular festivals and carnivals, so we recommend you make sure your stay in Navarre takes into account the events on offer for a complete experience.
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Discover the secrets that each town has. Mix with its people and explore every nook and cranny as well as the different forests and landscapes.
  • Learn about the history and traditions inherited from the most authentic rural towns.
  • Lose yourself in a rich environment of abrupt changes in the landscape, from north to south, and east to west.
Let yourself be captivated by our gastronomy.
Each area of Navarre has a unique essence transmitted through its rich agriculture and livestock farming, which are transformed into the best dishes and recipes reflecting the personality of each territory: taste the wines, share the garden produce and complete your visit in the best cider houses.

Tour Location

Baztán, Navarra

Urdax-Zugarramurdi, Baztán Valley, Bertizarana, Malerreka, Bortziriak-Cinco Villas.
By road:
N121 A and B
Other transport:
Train, bus and plane.
Featured activities
  • Bidasoa Greenway
  • Museums, caves and mills
  • Gastronomic visits
  • Adventure trips
  • Crafts and typical products
Humid and rainy. Temperatures not too high or low, due to the moderating influence of the sea.
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