Castle of Xavier Culture and Heritage

Plaza San Francisco Javier, 0, 31411 Javier, Navarra

The silhouette drawn by the crenellated towers cuts across the horizon, announcing the arrival of the castle of Xavier, the birthplace of Saint Francis Xavier, patron saint of Navarre for missions and tourism in Spain.

In central Navarre, 8 km from Sangüesa, this medieval fortress stands built on living rock, which attracts thousands of Navarrese every year at the beginning of March in the popular pilgrimage known as the “Javierada”.

A drawbridge lowers to introduce you to a world of towers, dungeons, machicolations, embrasures and arrow slits, so you can get to know the place where Saint Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Society of Jesus and one of the most well-known missionaries, was born in 1506 and where he lived.

At the edge of the province of Zaragoza, in the highest part of the small town of Javier, stands the round silhouette of the Castle of Xavier, birthplace of the patron saint of Navarre, San Francisco Javier.



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